Tuesday, August 27, 2013

To the one who broke my heart!

I'm done writing these e-mails that you never seem to read.
I'm done trying to be a friend when I always get hurt.
I'm done thinking that you may like me, when it'll never come true.
I'm done filling up my notebooks with songs about you.
I'm done crawling into my bed and crying every night.
I'm done believing that you're perfect, because I can see every flaw clearer than anyone.
I'm done.

and nowwwwwwwww.........

If you see me walking with someone else,
It's not because i want to..
It's because you weren't brave enough to walk by me.
If you see me smile,
It's not because i forgot you...
It's because i got tired of crying for you.
If you see me living again,
It's not because i've moved on...
It's because i hate the fact you can live without me
So if I fall in love with someone else,
It's not because i want to...
It's because you weren't there to catch me

"semakin mengecapi bahagia"

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